Comprehensive In-House Fleet Maintenance

Our savings can be your savings. A division of Grady EMS is able to ensure the reliability of our fleet by operating a Fleet Services and Production Facility. Taking care of our own vehicles ourselves is a major cost reduction and we can pass our savings on to you!

Comprehensive diagnostic equipment and techniques are used to perform preventative maintenance and repair services at high mechanical standards for all emergency, non-emergency and support vehicles within the system. Each vehicle undergoes a complete service evaluation at prescribed intervals, based on running time hours.

The division uses comprehensive diagnostic equipment and techniques designed to reduce downtime and prevent breakdowns while in service. Each vehicle undergoes a complete service and evaluation at the prescribed intervals based on running time hours. Each mechanic has at least four year’s experience with gasoline and diesel engines and ASE certification is required.

Reliant Emergency Specialties Service

A full-time Fabrication Center provides collision repair, parts replacement and complete remounting services. Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in making repairs on specialty vehicles and can handle everything from the smallest cosmetic enhancement to a total remount and component replacement.

Learn more about our Reliant Emergency Specialties Service, click here.