Staff Development

New Employee Orientation

Grady EMS New Hire Orientation is a five-week credentialing program that consisting of:

  • Grady Hospital Orientation (mandatory for all new Grady Health System Employees)
  • Grady EMS Orientation (protocol review lectures, competency testing, and skills validation)

Field Training (third rides and one-on-one time with a Field Training Officer) Medical Review – The Grady EMS Credentialing Program culminates in Medical Review. This is a mechanism that is used by Training Officers and the Medical Director to make the determination that an individual is ready for independent functionality as an EMS Provider at Grady EMS.

Refresher Training

Refresher Training reinforces knowledge by revisiting patient care topics and modalities from initial education courses. Courses designed for this objective include:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Providers
  • Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support
  • Advanced Medical Life Support
  • Geriatric Education for EMS

Annual Skill Performance Review (ASPR)

Annually the Staff Training Manager and Chief Training Officer conduct skill assessments to validate employees scope of practice skills used on a day to day basis. Each year the Joint Commission requires hospital employees to be evaluated for psychomotor competency. At Grady EMS, this is accomplished through the Annual Skill Performance Review (ASPR) Program. It is the responsibility of the Training Branch Manager to randomly inspect and validate skill performance.

Quality Improvement

Grady EMS is unsurpassed in the quality of care we provide, and we dedicate a team of full time, quality assurance (Q/A) officers to review the care rendered in the communities we serve. Quality Improvement (QI) Officers are responsible for patient chart review for clinical accuracy, completion of data entry, and protocol compliance. The QI Officers hold bi-weekly quality assurance meetings with the EMS Medical Director and EMS Fellows to review EMS cases. Additionally, these meetings include representatives from our City PSAP, EMD call triage, fire first-response, and Grady EMS to allow QI, department leaders, educators, and physicians to review the evolution of a call from call receipt, EMD triage, dispatch, scene management and transport to the ER. Without this integrated QA process, the Medical Directors from the respective agencies would only be able to evaluate parts of the call.