Training & Education

The Training and Education Department is dedicated to supporting the goals of Grady Emergency Medical Services:

To provide the highest quality pre-hospital patient care
to the residents and visitors to Atlanta in a prompt and efficient manner;

To present ourselves as courteous, knowledgeable professionals
With a positive, caring attitude toward
Our customers, Co-workers, and associated agencies;

To strive, through customer and employee input, to constantly
Upgrade our service.

To achieve these goals, the Training Department manages several programs: New Employee Orientation Program, Initial EMT, AEMT and Paramedic Certification courses, Critical Care Transport Program, Field Training Officer Mentor Program, and skills validations to our 300 license employees.

New Employee Orientation

The New Employee Orientation (NEO) Program consists of a six week program.

    • Grady Hospital Orientation
    • Lecture and Skills-based training
    • Lecture, skills validation, protocol review, medication review, and competency testing
    • Third Riding with an Field Training Officer
    • One-on-one training with a Field Training Officer

The final process of the NEO Program is successful completion of a medical review panel conducted by the EMS Medical Director or EMS Fellow and a Chief Training Officer.

Initial Paramedic Curriculum

To support the Operations Division and increase employee retention, Grady EMS sponsors an internal training program designed to upgrade the EMT-I or AEMT to Paramedic.

Critical Care Transport Program

Critical Care Transport (CCT) program is designed to provide education, training and skill validation to CCT crew assigned to critical care transport units. These units transfer patients requiring ventilator support, and medication infusions to long-term and acute care centers. The program prepares medics to obtain nationally recognized certifications in CCT.

Field Training Officer

The Field Training Officer is an integral part of the New Employee Orientation process. The FTO integrates the new employee into the Grady system and culture over a four week period to validate clinical skills and competencies. . The FTOs may assist by taking leadership roles in the continuing education process, research, and quality assurance. FTO’s also fill leadership roles in Operations to cover intermittent supervisor needs.

Continuing Education

Continuing education is a valuable two tier process. The first tier allows for the introduction of new innovations and technologies for patient care. The second tier refreshes and reinforces the knowledge by revisiting patient care topics and modalities.

Examples of classes offered:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Providers
  • Emergency Pediatric Care
  • Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support
  • Advanced Medical Life Support
  • Geriatric Emergency Life Support


Alternate Destination Protocol

This is a program designed to offer patient transports to a neighborhood clinics rather than an Emergency Department for non-emergent medical problems. This program was started in 2010 and continues to be refined.

Hypothermia Protocol [ROSC]

We utilize a Hypothermia protocol with patients who experience cardiac arrest and obtain a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). These patients are treated by infusing cold intravenous fluids to reduce body temperature (hypothermia) and improve outcomes.

Twelve Lead Transmission

Grady EMS transmits 12-lead EKGs to decrease the time from First Medical Contact (FMC) to Balloon Time.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement (QI) Officers are responsible for a random sample review of patient charts for clinical accuracy, completion of data entry, response and turnaround times, and protocol compliance. QI Officers evaluate 100 percent of all patient encounters requiring a Level 1 Trauma Center, use of Advances Airways, EZ-IO Insertions, Cardiac Arrests, Chest Pain, CVA/Stroke, Dyspnea, Seizures, BLS tiered response transports, and Narcotic administration resulting in an annual aggregate chart view of 35%. .

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